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Key Services

We provide a full range of planning services, including:

•    Initial advice on planning strategy and prospects of success

•    Planning applications

•    Planning appeals

•    Community consultation

•    Development Plan representations to promote strategic land interests and influence policy

•    Expert planning witness at public inquiries or hearings

•    Planning agreements

•    Research of land use and property market sectors

Our Approach

Planning can be complicated but, whatever the project, our approach is always to provide clients clarity of advice geared to your specific property requirements. We will then promote your interests with a professionally researched and well-justified case.

We will co-ordinate the information required to support a development proposal, and then
manage the planning process from submission to determination. This includes effective engagement with interest groups and seeking to influence decision-makers in government and related agencies. 


Success can depend on finely balanced judgements. We provide:

•    Experience of how planning decisions are made and the factors taken into account.

•    Knowledge of the legislation, procedures and policies regulating the planning system, the changes these
   are undergoing, and the importance of other approvals needed in the development process

•    Contacts with senior officials and decision makers in Scottish Government, Local Authorities and key